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Adult Cloth Wipes - The Easiest Way To Care For Loved Ones

Taking care of elderly loved ones is never an easy task. It is something loaded with emotions and love, as well as an enhanced sense of responsibility and often, humility. One of the most difficult things in adult care and using cloth wipes is that they are usually associated with baby care. For an elderly person who loses the ability to care for him or herself, there is nothing harder than the loss of self-esteem.

This is why it’s crucial that the wet wipes available for the adult care market are not only top-notch in quality but also completely adjusted to the body of an older person. Adult cloth wipes should offer impeccable cleaning ability while ensuring freshness and asserting confidence.

For us, at RMS Brands® key factors when manufacturing Adult Cloth Wipes are: 

  1. Safety – the materials we use are hypoallergenic and match sensitive elderly skin and specific delicate conditions.
  2. Size & Thickness – cloth wipes created for adult users are larger and thicker than regular wipes to allow more efficient cleaning of large areas fast.
  3. Added agents – our adult cloth wipes are enriched with moisturizing and soothing agents to help in cases of irritated skin. 
  4. Scent – in bed-bound adults repeated and constant exposure to urine and feces contribute to unpleasant odors, risk of inflammation, and loss of confidence.

Using RMS Brands® adult cloth wipes is supposed to make things easier, and faster and allow care on the go. It is crucial that adult cloth wipes are manufactured with care and attention to detail, using quality materials and cutting-edge technologies.


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