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How to Use Incontinence Bed Pads and Protect Your Mattress

It is important to keep mattresses dry for a better night’s rest. Mattresses are costly and can be challenging to clean after being soaked. Whether you or someone you are caring for is living with incontinence, it makes sense to spend money on incontinence supplies for bedwetting and protecting your mattress. 

Incontinence bed pads, also known as “chux” and Underpads, are meant to absorb urine and prevent leaks. Bed underpads are designed to wick away moisture and keep mattresses dry. Disposable underpads have a waterproof backing and a soft, absorbent top layer. 

RMS Brands Disposable Underpads come in two sizes, smaller 23"x 36" and larger 36"x 36" both embossed Polypropylene outer layers so they sit on the bed steadily and won’t skid or slip.

How To Use Super Absorbency Disposable Underpads

  1. Cut the product packaging with scissors and open the bag on one side. 
  2. Carefully reach into the bag and pull one underpad out of the packaging. Keep the remaining underpads inside the bag. Stow away extra pads accordingly.
  3. Hold the underpad with two hands. Find the corners and pull the two sides away from each other until you see the white quilted top layer.
  4. Open up the pad by unfolding it along creases like a newspaper.
  5. Hold the edges of the underpad securely and “throw” it away from you to catch some air. This will open the underpad, completely exposing the absorbent top layer.
  6. Place the underpad on the bed, white side up. 
  7. Press down on the incontinence underpad firmly, securing it onto the bed sheet. 


How Often Should You Change Incontinence Bed Pads?

 You should change disposable underpads frequently, especially after being soiled. 

 Depending on the degree of incontinence, you may have to change the underpad more frequently to avoid irritating the skin barrier. A good rule of thumb is as follows:

  • 1 to 2 underpads per day for the light to mild incontinence
  • 2 to 4 underpads per day for moderate incontinence
  • 4 to 6 underpads per day for heavy incontinence
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