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The Many Uses of Disposable Underpads

Underpads, also known as chux, are super absorbent pads typically used to protect the mattress from liquid damage. The pad is placed above or below the linens (personal preference) and absorbs leaking liquid. 

Underpads have become the standard in long-term and senior home care facilities, hospitals, and homes to protect mattresses and furniture from damage and reduce linen laundry. 

Made from a soft and breathable polymer material, these disposable underpads protect the skin as it effectively absorbs moisture and provides a quick-dry sanitary surface. The smooth finish eliminates friction to avoid skin irritation, rashes, or any other related injuries.

You can use disposable underpads in the same way hospitals and nursing homes have used them for years or you can get creative and use them to solve a lot of household issues. They absorb liquid and with a waterproof backing, they keep the area under the pad clean and dry. 

While underpads were originally designed to be used for adult incontinence to protect the mattress, innovators have found alternative uses for these wonderful underpads, such as: 

Protecting furniture – Underpads can be used to protect furniture, and can easily be adhered to chairs, couches, wheelchairs, and more. The RMS BRANDS® Underpad features a 6-layer protection design.

Under a Commode – Underpads are perfect for protecting the floor beneath a commode a portable, bedside toilet. 


Car rides/travel – Replacing a seat in your vehicle is much more difficult than laying down a Heavy-Duty underpad and stopping the stain before it occurs For adults or children going on car rides, underpads are great for protecting your vehicle.


Baby diaper changes – Many of our associates have recommended using an underpad as an on-the-go, clean, easy-to-use baby changing station cover. It is soft, smooth, and sterile, so you don’t have to worry about the baby touching dirty surfaces.


Kitchen leaks and spills – If you have a light water leak, underpads are a great short-term absorbent solution to absorb light leakage of kitchen pipes, refrigerator drips, and even as a pad to use when changing car oil! They are also great for the bottom of a garbage can or to protect your floor/carpet when painting!

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